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FEBRUARY 23, 1999

Coastal Advisory Committee Members Present:

Geoff Allen Nonette Hanko
Betsy Crowder Mary Hobbs
Neil Curry Stan Pastorino
Mary Davey Audrey Rust
Rich Gordon Betty Stone

The Advisory Committee unanimously agreed to the format of the February 9, 1999 meeting summary sent to members in their packets. However, the Committee directed staff that acceptance of both the February 9, 1999 and February 23, 1999 meeting summaries be placed on the agenda for the March 9, 1999 meeting. Acceptnace of future meeting summaries will be placed on the agenda for the following meeting.

There was discussion about the fact that some Committee members are paid to attend meetings, while others are not. Specifically, some members are paid stipends, as is the case with many members of other groups or agencies, when they attend official meetings. The Coastal Advisory Committee meetings are designated as official meetings. This point was simply aired so that all present were aware that this is the case.

Role of Alternates

A staff report about the legal parameters of having "alternates" on the Committee was provided to the Committee members. The question of appointing alternates for individual Committee members and whether or not the alternates would have the ability to vote engendered a lengthy discussion. Committee members had clearly differing opinions about how this should be handled. Some members have concerns about how the large the Committee will become if alternates are chosen. It was pointed out that videotapes of meetings will be available for viewing by those who have to miss a session. However, some members still felt that they would like to be represented "at the table" when they can't attend a meeting. A final decision on this subject was tabled until the next meeting. The Chair solicited several Committee members to possibly meet as a "sub-committee" during the intervening two-week period and provide recommendations to the full Committee at the next meeting.

Selection of At-large Members

The Committee next moved on to selecting the three "at-large" members to complete its formation as described by the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Board of Directors. The District had received a total of nineteen applications for the three available positions. As requested, these applications had been sent to the ten members already appointed to the Committee so they could familiarize themselves with the applicants' qualifications prior to tonight's meeting.

An initial ballot was cast by the Committee with each Committee member identifying up to ten of the nineteen applicants they felt should be invited to make a brief presentation. The ten applicants receiving the greatest number of votes were asked to make a presentation to the Committee about why each person felt he or she should become a Committee member. After the presentations, Chair Rich Gordon thanked all nineteen applicants for their interest in the Committee and for taking the time and effort to submit an application.

The ten applicants given the opportunity to present to the Committee were:

W.R. Cochran

Tim Duff

Bern Smith

William "Bill" Cook

Chuck Kozak

Marina Stariha

Toni Danzig

Peter Marchi

Chris Thollaug


Michael Murphy


Current Committee members agreed that each of the "at-large" members selected had to receive a minimum of six votes, thus representing a vote in favor by more than half of the existing Committee. After much discussion and a number of written ballots, hand votes, and motions, three "at-large" members were chosen to complete the Committee's membership.

The three new members selected were William Cook, Toni Danzig, and Chris Thalloug.

Due to time constraints, the remaining items on the agenda were postponed until the next meeting on March 9, 1999 for discussion/action.

Next Steps and Schedule

Oral Communications

There was a request that Committee members, names and how to contact them (mailing or e-mail addresses) be made public.

Future Topics

Topics identified for future discussion included: the role of alternates; and timeline & schedule.

Next Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of the Advisory Committee is Tuesday, March 9, 1999 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at the Ted Adcock Community Senior Center, Half Moon Bay.



Meeting Notes